The Garden

What is Ginkgo Grove anyway?

In July 2015, we moved to a 1.25 acre property in a little community called Lakeville, Nova Scotia. It’s a located in a Zone 5B region on the hardiness zone map.

Before we moved in, this property had a few gardens, fruit trees and bushes, a vegetable garden and a greenhouse. The previous owners sold herbs and some produce, and it was organic.

Continuing in the same mindset, we are going to use organic practices wherever possible, relying mostly on the benefits of composting and putting the right plants in the right place.

It has been my dream, ever since being to the Montreal Botanical Gardens, to work in a botanical garden as well. Unfortunately, I do not have one that is within my reach here in the same variable and fascinating sense, so I am making my own private, small scale botanical garden. It has a pine forest, a greenhouse, a rockin’ rock garden, it will have vegetables and fruit, and one day, a contemplative garden, a pond, a tropical greenhouse, and possibly one day, chickens and our own honey producing bees.

With each year we live here, we will commemorate our progress with the planting of a Ginkgo biloba tree, which is my favorite tree.

So far, we have two trees. We hope to be surrounded by them.

You are reading a blog that follows the transformation of the garden we like to call Ginkgo Grove.


And for those curious, the varieties of Ginkgos planted so far are…

2015 – Ginkgo biloba ‘Weeping Wonder’
2016 – Ginkgo biloba ‘Jade Butterflies’ (succumbed to a mower accident in october)
2016 – Ginkgo biloba