I thought I would share a few opportunities to shop.

Included on this post are two destinations you can check out.

One is my amazon astore, where I have compiled a list of products I use, love, read, or endorse, and think you should check out too!
You can Check it out here: Click me!

The other is my personal shop, Botanikurio, which should be open for its first season in May 2017. Botanikurio sells horticultural oddities (living conversation pieces), herbs & veggies (no spray), tropicals (I specialize in bromeliads, and later down the road, I hope to branch out into Orchids and carnivorous plants as well as many other houseplants), handcrafted items and more. For now, I post progress photos on my facebook page of the same name, Botanikurio.  I hope to have an etsy shop in the future as well. See you in the spring!