My journey as a gardener began when I was still an uncertain university student working in a grocery store garden center. The spark (or sprout!) to learn more about flowers, herbs, plants, can start anywhere at any time and at any age. I finished my English major, but jumped right back into school to take a 2 year horticulture program. I have worked in half a dozen retail garden centers over a 12+ year span (wow time flies!) in both independent and corporate settings, and I enjoy sharing my passion with other gardeners and meeting new people with their own particular vision. It happened to me, I discovered gardening in my youth, and it is very important to me to inspire other young people and children to take on this very important hobby or passion, in any setting. A spark can start anywhere.

Right now, I work at “Dayjob”, which I will only divulge has 1/3 involvement with plants and 2/3 with home improvement. As my greenhouse and business plan matures, I will be taking on my own private business of selling fresh herbs and flowers (and oddity tropical plants). I won’t likely cover this particular part of my life very often unless I feel the need to geek out about a new acquisition or progress shots of my greenhouse.

And finally, you will probably see many references to my Husband, whom I also refer to as my manimal. He is the greatest person in my life. He can build anything, solve any problem, and has a very significant role in my garden whimsies. He has been by my side for the most significant parts of my life, and will continue to be a huge role in my garden.

I’m interested in just about anything, and I can figure out just about anything if I get the time. Outside of gardening, I like baking and cooking (maybe it was my other calling), music (I play ukulele!), insects (I’ve dabbled in insect husbandry a few times), crafty things (What haven’t I attempted? But I particularly enjoy needlefelting), and I am…



tropicals (as you may have already figured out!).


I’ll let you figure the rest out on your own.

Happy Reading!


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