Gift A Gardener, Part 3: Beautiful Things


Penny (left) the Original Gardener’s Companion, and Chinook (right), Gardener’s Companion in training. 

This has been quite a whirlwind of a week! I have done very little in the way of gardening besides poop scooping (and now there will be twice as much as we adopted a rescue and now have two dogs). But as I sit indoors, I think about the things that you can enjoy from indoors, if you wish.

Well, Christmas is coming faster now. You might be panicking, because you got them a nice tool, a nice stocking stuffer, but you feel like they didn’t really fill their heart with joy. So this final installment will hopefully give you some ideas for things that will bring beauty to their home or garden while reminding them of you.

Fern Leaf Prints – I spotted these somewhere, likely from social media, and fell in love with them immediately. I had wanted one but waited too long for the one I wanted. There are dozens of beautiful pictures in this shop and they are all made using ferns!

Gazing Ball – No, I don’t have one. But they make a beautiful statement in the middle of a garden. Put it somewhere that you will appreciate looking at it. They come in so many shapes and forms, and some people even try to make them themselves. Choose what you think will go with their garden. If you appreciate it too, choose something that corresponds well with their design.

Hammock Chair – I’ve got one. I don’t always have time to sit in it, but when I do, it’s pure relaxation and joy. These ones are really deep and comfy, and you can pretty much recline in them and get lost in your thoughts (or fall asleep). I like this kind because not only is it comfy, but it’s pretty too!

Tillandsia in a glass ball terrarium – You’ll probably find these in various gift/garden shops for sale. Tillandsias don’t really need a lot of care, they just hang out. I mist mine daily. It’s a nice thing to hang up like “that’s right, I’m a minimalist and it looks chic!”

Well, that concludes my “gift a gardener” series for 2016. If I can think of enough things in the new year, I will create a post next year as well. I wanted to add more things, but discovered they are no longer available.

It’s the dark season now. I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. There isn’t much time to do anything or report on my discoveries outside. I’m going to take a break for the rest of the month to enjoy the holidays with my dawgs and cat, finish my frantic shopping, wrap gifts, drink holiday nogs, eat party nibblies, and try to establish a little winter peace.

When I return in January I will limit my posts to once every 2 weeks for the next couple of months. I will kick off with my focus aims for the garden in the new year and how I establish some order in both my methods and my mind when I have so many things I need to do here.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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