Forcing oneself to garden when stuff’s tough, when you’re tired, when summer’s over…

Well, there isn’t a lot on the ‘ol agenda from here on out. There’s a lot of me reminding myself, gosh it’s chilly in the mornings, maybe I should bring in my tropicals. So there will be some focus on the lows and bringing more things in here and there. I also see some very sad planters that need to be emptied out and either replaced with something more seasonal, or stored away. Those heliotropes are very sorry at this point. My herbs need to get used up or put into butter to freeze for fall/winter months. Everyone loves a good herb butter!

20160918_135020But my focus this week is the bed around the deck in the back yard. Look at it. Ugh. It’s just a jungle of sickly green. I took that picture on Tuesday. I then proceeded to walk the length of it to really take notes of the things I want to do to it. So the editing and extractions continue! The things that bothered me the most was that in all of that mess, I hated the motherwort.. it’s a self seeder. And the Euphorbia just looked like a collapsed mess. I already have a Euphorbia in another spot so this one took off. You can’t see them too well on the account of MESS. So they may we well go anyway.

The other thing I had to force myself to do (and I wish I had made this decision earlier in the year) was to plan out my gardening into week-long area projects. I ran around like crazy all summer from one spot to another every day.  When you’re dealing with such a large piece of property, and want to garden it as ambitiously as I do, I feel that a little order is needed so I don’t feel too overwhelmed with stuff to do. Next year, I’m going to break it down every week by zones, rather than doing everything I can and moving to the next when I finish. If I do that, I’ll never get out of an area. So if I limit each garden to one week, and then revisit it later down the road on another week, it feels like I have less to worry about. And like I said earlier, this week was the deck garden. Next week I’ll be tackling the rock garden again and doing a bunch of work in the greenhouse.

14339256_10154596978329306_1311749795_o.jpgI suppose now you want to see the end result of my week of the deck garden, eh? Well, there it is. There is no color here! But it’s a little cleaner after a good deadheading and extraction of the two mentioned perennials. And look! I have a late-blooming Buddleia, just by the window.


20160918_115045.jpg Ah, beautiful. This one is ‘Low & Behold Blue Chip.’ A smaller selection, ideal for a tight space.

So for now, I’m hosting a lot of daylilies here. But you know what I realize, we realize it together. Fall color is required here to continue a bit of interest. So once we remove that lilac. Yes, that naughty little lilac there, I will plant a nice Rose of Sharon that needs a home. I’ve been overwintering it for a while now, but it will do much better here. I might also consider other fall blooming perennials. I still have a few left to put in the ground. And those duchess blue ice asters are still looking gorgeous, albeit a little flopsy.

And that concludes my week. I definitely didn’t get to do as much as I hoped I would, but I’ve been rather tired and bummed out. I have a hack for that. You know how I feel about gardening as great therapy. Sometimes the medicine is hard to take. The easiest way to get a little ambition to work is to go outside. The hardest part is opening the door. Bring some snips with you. Don’t commit to anything but snipping little dead heads off or brown tips. You’ll want to do more, likely. I promise.

Now to relax with a little tea and let the rain showers do a little work for me. I’m going to enjoy the gazebo a little longer. It’s going to come down very soon!


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