Editing the garden

This is a ‘Duchess Blue Ice’ Aster I grew from seed. It’s worth the wait. The seed pack also has white flowering ones with the subtlest icy blue blush to the petals’ tips. 

I got to Friday last week, and felt as though I had no steam. Nothing to talk about really. This has been a truly trying year for maintaining the motivation to blog weekly. But nobody ever starts anything major knowing the way that year would transpire. I think I’ve done fairly well, gardening is a great therapist. Not necessarily to talk to, because I don’t like to talk much about troubling things, but pulling a stubborn weed, breaking the soil, firing a freshly sharpened shovel into the ground is a good way to channel one’s energy. And a good way to deplete it so I don’t have to stay up and stare at the ceiling. I’ve also switched gears at Dayjob and I’ve been doing a lot of really heavy thinking in terms of career advancement in other avenues. It’s been just a tiring week.

But I did find something to talk about today all because of my lack of desire to do any work in the garden. This is why we garden,  aside from the therapeutic purposes. To appreciate something you made, and then watch it come alive. Rather than crouching down to pull yet another damn ragweed or clover, I just harvest things, look at things, and think about the way things have made me feel.

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t really like this where this is.” Or even “I hate this in general”. Gardens aren’t meant to stay the same, unless you want them to. Nature evolves, and it’s healthy for your tastes to evolve with experience. Don’t feel bad. Give it away. Put it somewhere else. Sharing with other gardeners is part of the joy of it. I think it’s more fun when you can help them evolve and refine themselves over time. Something doesn’t work? Pull it out! That’s been my late summer focus.

Kick the yarrow was the name of the game…

Don’t like this Yarrow. Blech. I REALLY enjoyed watching this border evolve and grow though. But it’s definitely not reflective of ME as a person and what I love. So I will gradually edit! It’s had something interesting to look at all year, from the beginnings of spring to fall. So I edited it to omit the yarrow. I replaced it with another late summer/fall flowering perennial, Echinacea (which I still have tons left to plant) that doesn’t flop over and get in the way every time I walk through. Along with Echinacea, I also planted a few shorter types of Irises, and my favorite daylily cultivar ‘Tani’. I don’t know why, but it’s just such a beauty that caught me off guard.






A little better, tidier, but man those mature Sumac roots are a pain in the ass to dig around.

Moving right along…

And this forsythia in the background… well I don’t really dislike it, but when I spent time in the summer  evenings watching Buddha, there was just…nothing catching the breeze. It’s too still here after dark when the birds go home. So I want some grass here. Some Calamagrostis maybe. In front of him on the bench, I’ll plant something too, I am thinking something very short with small white flowers, as it would light up nicely in the evenings.

There is more too. I have a solomon’s seal overtaking the rhododendron, and his brother the hops vine trying to wrap and crush the house again. They will not be here long.


There, you see? Some realities can be changed.

I’ll do another tomato review soon too. I wanted to review my “Pineapple” tomatoes, but alas again, I must have gotten some rogue seed in the pack, as the fruit was not yellow. I’m waiting on Black Krim and I’ll also do a review of Homestead too soon. These last two are slowpokes. Homestead started out with little fart tomatoes, but the ones in the greenhouse look like something you’d pick up at the supermarket.

That’s all. Like I said, I’m very much in my head lately. Summer is ending, that’s sad. But there’s a little rejuvenation to come with a new month and new season. New plantings and some more late veggies for the cold frame. More editing. Even if you aren’t getting dirty, you can still do work in your mind. Sometimes, making decisions is one of the hardest parts of any project.

Well, that’s all for now, really. Till I get my groove back.  Happy Monday!


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