First Day of Summer

I’m late to post!  It has been a very busy weekend for us, we ventured to the city to visit dad for father’s day. There are many days I am so grateful to have inherited his energetic genetics, ambition to strive for projects (and perhaps take on more than one at a time). Much of what we do here is probably inspired either by nature or by nurture, from my dad. Thanks dad, for me being half like you!

Today is the Full Strawberry Moon. By god, if you didn’t plant your veggies by the last full moon (and lose them to the frost they were calling for TWICE last week) you prolly have them in now. I had to cover things twice, but we had no frost. Always better to be safe than sorry.
20160620_165342.jpgLast week was an incredibly dreary week. If it wasn’t for the Laburnum outside the kitchen window, I’m pretty sure I would still be in a sad puddle. It’s been cold and drizzly/rainy and I’ve been fighting off a cold (most likely due to indecisive weather). Midweek, I got to plant a few perennials in the Rhodo Forest (some Heucheras and a LOT of wood poppies, I may regret it, depending on how much I like them).  And! My Azalea ‘Flat White’ has finally bloomed! It’s a pretty clean colored cultivar.

20160620_165023.jpgI also planted a few new  things in the rock garden too. I added a Sage for the bees and some Dianthus to creep along the front of the bed.  We recently acquired some rocks from the neighbor’s house last week, and Manimal has been steadily towing them to our property where we used them to line the far side of the walkway leading down to the greenhouse. Now that it’s in place, and solid looking (and what an improvement visually!)  I’ll be sourcing some mulch to throw down, because I’m sick of seeing landscape fabric! (But realistically I see this being a fall or next year project). On the far side of the rocks, I’ll be planting my Lavender Hedge. And just edging along the Wild Forest, I think I may plant various Irises and daylilies, since they are so easy to collect, and delicious to look at.


Just look at this purple one! Augh.

Now that flowers are beginning to come out and I’m catching up to the weeds, I’ve been welcoming several friends over for little garden tours. It has come a huge distance from before I moved here. I had originally found myself digging my toes in the soil ashamedly, apologetically, for the mess I didn’t have time to deal with due to moving and all that it implies. I’m so excited now, I have time to watch things bloom and set fruit, and see what works and what doesn’t from what I’ve planted last fall. Like the haskaps I planted last fall. They looked ratty! Now they are lush and gorgeous, and we tried our first Haskaps this year. Let’s just say they are no “honeyberry” whoever nicknamed those has a sick sense of humor. I laughed anyway.

So this is leading into the beginnings of summer, which means I have some new (and some repeated) tasks I usually tackle at this time of the month. Most of them involve succession seeding of different vegetables, like beans, peas, and carrots. And dear god, no more radishes. In my last garden, I felt blessed to have a radish fart in an entire row of failure. Here, there are so many radishes that slugs and other critters are beginning to take advantage of my lax picking.

A strawberry salad with green onions and kale! Soon!!

Around the end of the month, I will be starting more kale from seed to transplant later on in the cold frame for late fall/winter sowings. One thing I can tell you from what I’ve learned from greenhouse veggie gardening thus far, it’s challenging to grow some varieties in the heat. I planted lettuce in the greenhouse late april and it hasn’t even grown to an inch in size. Outdoors, I planted Lettuce 3 weeks after the indoor stuff, and it is nearly harvestable. So in the same vein, Kale is also not growing quite as vigorously in the greenhouse as it is outside. That means I’ll probably just focus on the hot stuff in the summer like my tomatoes, peppers, and so far, carrots are doing okay. There will definitely be a different angle next year for cold frame/raised bed crop planning.


I’m scrambling to get all the rest of my plantings on the Launch Pad planted before the hot part of summer. I really want to devote a good portion of it to just maintenance, chill out, read and do other things, like have a life like other humans. And maybe have a lot of bonfires. I have vivid fantasies of a deck filled with lush herbs, the smell of Heliotrope in the air, sitting in the gazebo reading a book with a glass of wine at dusk, the vintage patio lights…crickets… the whole nine. I think I can swing it! But I definitely need to find some time to do a little deckscaping, make it feel like an outdoor room. I think that’s what I’m really gonna tackle this week, once I unload to launch pad. I need to find a place to relax.

Oh, and one more notable thing. Deerflies are now in full bothersome swing. We had a blast smacking them off eachother at Dayjob today. The Deerfly tests begin this week.

And that’s about it for the week. Can’t talk, gotta get the decks ready for Canada Day!


Let’s end it off with Edith Bosley. Pretty thing!

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