A little progress (just a modest smidge)

So it’s almost been a year since I moved in. Everything felt wilder, and alien here. There were weeds and perennials (still not sure if some are perennials or weeds) that I’ve never encountered in my last home. I have seen insects that have truly weirded me out. And today, I thought I’d share some progress pics of various parts of my gardens.

Before we begin, I’ll make a note of the following:
1. There is never an AFTER, in the sense of total completion in a progress pic. Gardens are always progress.
2. I am hideously vexed that I don’t have any mulch down yet. Don’t point it out.

Alright, let’s go for a stroll.

July 2015: 90% Lunaria, 10% Grass
May 2015: 10% newly added perennials like Sedums, Sempervivums, Alliums and others, 10% Grass that I’m still fighting with, and 80% hungry, hungry “dirt”

The rock garden was a wild place. I reigned ‘er in. I purposed it into a rock garden. There will mostly be sedums, sempervivums, and other small perennials in here. At the bottom I planted  ‘Pistachio’  and ‘Cityline Mars’  Hydrangeas. I sort of groomed up some of the existing perennials, though I don’t think they will stay here forever. They are all staying here for now, until I find something really special to put in. As you can see, there’s still a LOT of work needed to make it look really clean. It needs nourishment too, as I still pluck horsetail out of the bed. They say the biggest enemy of horsetail is healthy soil filled with nutrients. Someday I’ll be able to prove that true, but not on this day, and maybe not for a while yet.

The garden around the deck hasn’t changed too much. I added a few perennials, a Buddleia, a Daphne (this year), and weeded it as well as cultivated whatever was there originally. This bed will someday connect to my butterfly garden (which right now is my ever hated goutweed bed). I have nothing to share photographically here today, as it has nothing to really admire for another few weeks.

Plantings have begun. This year I added a Rhododendron impeditum and Rhodo. ‘Wojnar’s Purple’. Also planted (not seen) – seedlings of Helleborus, Wood Poppy, Fothergilla, and Daphne. 

The Rhodo forest was just a stand of Pinus strobus (White Pine). Now I’m shaping it up. There isn’t a lot to see as of yet, but I’ve got my shopping list and pick up things I find from the list as the season goes on. A huge help, as I have discovered is, if you have a plan and make a list of things you want, you can sort of control your garden center impulses, and channel them into buying what you know has a place where it is coming home.

The vegetable garden, as we moved in, wasn’t planted with anything, there were a lot of weeds and a PILE of irises. Since then, I evicted the irises and potted them all up to give/sell at garden club sales. In my vegetable bed, I laid it out to soon contain strawberries, herbs, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, peas & beans (peans n beas), carrots… well, just all the garden staples. Right now, it isn’t a lot to look at yet but I am hoping it will be an edible paradise. I’ll expand it eventually too. I haven’t got this one pictured, as it hasn’t progressed since I last mentioned it on my previous post.

The turning circle kind of got away from us again this year. Phase 1 will involve the removal of a few trees and cleaning it up. It was the first garden I met when moving in. I like the way the Sumacs give everything a tropical feel. They also feed the chickadees in the late winter. But I’d never plant another one. You will see me getting more into detail on the turning circle next week.

As for the main part of the property, there hasn’t been much added. We’ve planted a few evergreens, and eventually, we will repair the dry patches on the lawn. I am too ashamed of my dirt patches at this current point. It’s the Pheasants’ buffet.

It spent the first little while being the moving in dumping ground. Note the current ends in this pic. 
Ends were finished with insulation, rewired, wired in a thermostat to control the fans. We also covered it with shade cloth this week so it would not get quite as hot. It actually feels like a larger space now.
We are now harvesting our first crop of radishes from the cold frame bed.

My biggest focus since I moved in was the greenhouse. This one I’m really excited about, obviously, since this is the place where I’ll be doing some business as well as propagations for my own property. We are starting to see some veggies coming up and being ready! I’ll be sick of radishes before long.









Lastly, although there isn’t much progress here, I just wanted to share some shots of Bird City. Who visits? So far at my feeder I’ve seen Chickadees, Goldfinches, various Sparrows, Red Winged Blackbirds, robins, rose breasted grosbeak, Downy Woodpecker, Blue Jays, Grackles, The Phesants, a squirrel (who hates the chipmunk), a rat (RIP rat & ratette), and probably others who come by without us looking.  But I love it here. I trimmed up the Forsythia, so maybe one day we can sit on a bench and enjoy what we currently have blooming!



I love it.  I’ve got other places I want to share but I’m going to give them all time to come into their own. I’ve done a bit of changes to the bed in the front of the house as well. I’m still hunting for plants to put in this spot. It is mimicking the shade bed I loved so much in my last house (the one that my previous neighbors had often complimented me on).

Next week I’ll talk myself through the turning circle garden plans, and what it looks like now. It’s a big, multi-phase project that will take several years to complete.


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