Mid-Late April Agenda


We have no grass in this one patch of “lawn” but we do have ONE solitary Chionodoxa.

I’m surprised to find you here this week. It’s hard to find time to do much else in life besides focus on spring clean up. I finally finished the Bird City hackback.  It was tedious, but I had good company, as little chickadees were taking turns at the feeder.

So last weekend we purchased a fancy (haha) tow-behind aerator and really opened up the pores on the green. It will come in time. We seeded as well.  We will hopefully seed several times this year. The dog really tore up the ground over the spring thaw, so it’s going to need lots of mending, plus there are a lot of Queen Anne’s Lace plants poking up all around the ground, making it less favorable for grass to grow.

So now is the time I will start trying to get as much done as I can before I go on a grand tropical adventure of RELAXATION.  I’ve been splitting my focus between moving through all the garden beds here and getting the veggie garden ready for planting. Manimal put up a few posts and some wire fencing so we can maintain the espaliered apple’s shape, and once the grape wakes up, tie it up to the wire too.

I’m going to lay some black plastic over the cucumber bed to warm it up. I want to actually harvest and eat a cucumber out of my garden this year. I’m borrowing this trick from the Year Round Gardener book. When I get back, it should be warmed up nicely. I have have potentially unrealistic expectations that when I come home, everything will be flourishing beautifully (including weeds).

I was going to start several varieties of seed this week, but I’m going to put all of those off till I return except for parsley. The good news here is they will be more likely to germinate a little quicker, due to being a week later and hopefully (being optimistic here), warmer! Most of these are cool season direct-sow to garden vegetables like scallions, carrots, lettuce, beets etc. Too many to name at the moment. I will probably do a list to break down EVERY thing sown once the work is done and everything is planted, along with some pics. I really struggle with garden structure and I am always wondering what peoples veggie gardens look like, and I often sit and wonder if mine are hideous and crude.

Speaking of fruit trees, chances are you are too late now, if you haven’t done your dormant spray. I’ve been wandering the property, and walking in the neighborhood, and I have already discovered some maples are on the bring of blooming, and all buds are definitely open. Oh, and to mark the date, mosquitoes are baaaaaack!

We have next to no room on the capillary mat grow table now. This means a lot of repotting soon. As far as I can see, it’s working very well, and has already saved me a considerable amount of time of watering in the mornings.

This is not a scene out of slenderman. This is a little creek with a little dream. 

As for the other developments on the property.. My Manimal has taken to gardening a little now too. He has been watching the little creek in the woods swell and decline with every rainfall, and built it up with stones, so it cascades down a few tiers as it meanders through the woods. We have discussed the idea of cultivating the wildness of the woods, but also to add subtle color to accentuate certain features, like a beautiful old mossy log along the edge of the water. It needs a lot of cleanup of dead wood, and it fills in very thick in the summer. There will be plenty of cultivation to do, but that’s his thing. I will just provide specimen suggestions whenever he asks.

Weeding is pretty much all I’ve been focusing on, as well as cutting everything back. The goutweed garden looks so beautiful, I’m seeing poppies coming up and some crocuses as well as oregano, chives, and daffodils. It’s a shame really. When this pest hopefully becomes eradicated, I will be replanting with butterfly and hummingbird perennials.

That’s about all for now, it’s a short and sweet post today. Can’t talk! Gotta weed!

Next week I will tell you about the capillary mat and the benefits of having one if you have a table full of seedlings to contend with. Happy spring!


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