March! (Garden Agenda)

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Here it is! It’s march! I much nicer March than last year. Compared to last year, we have 6 feet less of that nasty white stuff.  So here I am, jumping on the beds and flashing the shutters. I’m excited!  So naturally, this is quite a busy month, as I drag things out of storage and start my seeding. Here’s a peek into my March 2016 agenda.

My seeding grow-op has been set up. For me, it’s a Table made from a plastic pallet I was fortunate to find at Dayjob. So we prepare it by laying a piece of plastic on the bottom (there will be a capillary mat laid over this in a few weeks when I decide to fly out to Montreal so the plants stay hydrated. I can do an entire entry on this at another time). The light is set up too, with chains to hang it, as we use these to easily raise the light as the seedlings grow. I’m still lucky to be able to find T12 Plant & Aquarium bulbs too!  Early March I begin my pepper seeding. I’ve started Chesapeake (it better produce 24K gold peppers, they were pricey seeds!), Carmen, Early Jalapeno for my salsa this fall, and Sweet Apple.  Later during this time, I will be doing some Kale seeding for the cold frame and start impatiens indoors.

I also have started my repotting of all tropicals. I don’t count them anymore. I have at least 75. What you see is just one small corner. This issue of tropical hoarding is going to be rectified soon, thankfully, as  my husband has just finished my inner greenhouse. I love them all, but I have been working so hard to refine the general feel of my dining area. I need a comfy seat in the window, and it’s hard to read with all these tropicals staring at me.

In a few days, I will also be doing some long overdue Passiflora root pruning. I have two P. Caerulea and one P. ‘Amethyst’ which blooms beautifully every year. The other two are stubborn little arseholes.

I am going to try something different in the coming weeks. I am going to try and make a post about a different subject every Monday. Likely, every 2nd post will be an agenda of what sort of tasks I will be tackling here on the grove. We will see what happens from there. If you want to hear about anything in particular about my collection or method, fire me a line in the comments below. I’ll try my best to answer! If it’s a long answer, I’ll do a post about it! 😀


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