Welcome, my friends, to Ginkgo Grove… *spreads the weed curtain open*

A view of the home from the farthest point of the property
A view of the home from the farthest point of the property

So let’s just scrap everything and start over. I’m a new person now, or at least, I am the same person in a new setting. Recently, we’ve up and moved, it was at first, a nag. We couldn’t stretch out our arms, we couldn’t dance in the kitchen, cook together, and everything felt incomplete or as though it were falling apart. We needed OUT. So, eventually, the nag became a constant grumble, and finally, a shout, after one day banging his elbow on the tight spot between the countertop and the door that led to the basement, where the laundry room was – “we are SO moving!”

So we listed our little cutie pie house, and in LESS than 3 months, we sold it. Not only that, but by some miraculous chance, I immediately fell in love with the house of my dreams—And got it! Just 10 minutes deeper into the country, near the foot of the North Mountain, we bought it. Ginkgo Grove.

Now, I’ve always been a passionate horticulturist, and I was looking for a place with enough land to fit a greenhouse in the proper orientation, and have it at a size that would house my astounding collection of tropical plants. Originally, they were carefully stacked almost literally on top of eachother in a little sunroom. Now, I said, we can FINALLY put them in a place where they, too, can sprawl and dance while we aren’t looking, because Ginkgo Grove also has a greenhouse, ALREADY built! It was just too incredible to believe.

The reality is beginning to sink in, and as we finish unpacking the last of our boxes (only about a half a dozen left, mind you), I begin to turn my gaze to the land that lay before me.

I would say, due to this house being on the market for over a year, they had only maintained the grass area, and allowed the gardens to overgrow. An inward, shrill gasp is inserted here, as I strolled it finally. We have Lunaria oh yes, if you wish for dried lunaria stems, get in touch! I have so much that most of it will be fated for the compost heap..

The other thing that is in burning need to be tended is what I will affectionately call the Goutweed bed. Even when, years later and I am old and wibbly, and the bed is restored to a beautiful form, it will still be known as the Goutweed bed. A ticking time bomb waiting for me to go on vacation so it can strangle the perennials again.

There is a lot of work to be done, and every garden has a name already and a destiny. There are destinies out there waiting to be fulfilled, but I will save that for another post. The pre-execution walk. For now, just take it in. Just enjoy the summer, and pull Lunaria till there’s room for the things I took from my previous home.

I want this to be 1.25 acres of personal botanical gardens. I’ve gone and lost my mind.