Welcome to my blog, and a little history in my gardening journey.


2014-07-12 19.13.18

I would like to thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey as I will soon relocate to a new home, and find myself in a strange province where I didn’t grow up, and rebuild my garden from scratch into the image that I have created in my mind. This entry is only a facet into many things that┬ámake up my crazy passion for gardening.

A little gardening history for you all who may be curious.
When I was 28, I moved into this small and modest house in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It was here that I began my real and serious transformation from an overgrown lot of wild flowers and weeds, to a cultivated collection and assortment of things I loved. This garden has no particular theme or transition, but it reflects on my evolution of style, skill and taste. I began by obsessing over “the newest thing” and plunked– yes we are all plunkers at some point in our humble beginnings!
But as time went on, I began to really dive into gardening books and I picked up a few tidbits of advice on what works and what doesn’t. I created what I wanted to call “the butterfly garden” but in hindsight, I now call this particular spot in my yard “The 17” because it looks very much like a number 17 with ┬ánothing in between the numbers (But I fantasize on having a bench here!). Recently, I had a “eureka” moment (and I have about one a week or so) that I would remove all plants from this garden, move them to places where they would look more effective, and plant solely Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian Sage), get a nice bench, or lay some patio stones, and use this as a small and quiet reflection garden.

You see, as time goes on, ideas evolve, refine, and change, just as you do, as a person. A garden will always undergo change, lest the gardener passes on.

But onto the unfamiliar territory. What’s that about, anyway? Well, it has come to the point where I may soon expect to be moving to New Brunswick. From all of my uneducated knowledge of this place, the winters look long, it’s no fun, and snow stays around till June. I have no idea what to expect, but I embrace it with an open mind, and when we choose a house, I will share with you the progress of this garden, be it big or small, anything can be possible.

This is all I am going to tell you for the time being, but there are many more dreams I want to talk about and share as they manifest. For now, I’d like to show you a shot of my front garden. Enjoy!